The Astounding Health Benefits of Surya Namaskar Yoga

BY Loknath Parsad

Surya Namaskar is an Amazing Yoga technique that incorporates physical activity, breath regulation, and awareness to improve physical stamina and endurance.


A research article published in the International Journal of Health Sciences and Research in 2019 says Surya Namaskar shows the immediate effect on improving flexibility of the muscles.

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Physiological benefits

Sun Salutation improves pulmonary function, handgrip strength, endurance and the overall cardiovascular health when practiced regularly.

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Benefits for the Respiratory system

Practicing Surya Namaskar can improve respiratory function parameters such as forced vital capacity, forced expiratory volume, and peak expiratory flow rate.


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Better Academics

Improving academic performance in school-children has been identified as a significant application of Surya namaskar according to a recent Research.


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Cardio Vs Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is an ideal aerobic exercise involving both static stretching and slow dynamic component of training with optimal stress on the cardio-respiratory system.

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